Friday, February 26, 2010

My Beacon on the Water (Candle on the Water, Al Kasha / Joel Hirschhorn)

"I'm here because I need you." - Jacob, Lighthouse

As soon as I heard that the name of this week's LOST episode was Lighthouse, I immediately thought of Pete's Dragon's Candle on the Water, one of my all-time favorite Disney songs. Once I saw it, I found the song every bit as applicable as I'd suspected. Here's a little reflection from the perspective of Jacob, talking to Hurley.

My Beacon on the Water

Come to my beacon on the water.
Tell Jack that he has what it takes.
I know that he will learn because of this small journey.
What a difference some perspective makes!

Come to my beacon on the water.
Travel together like old days.
Say you’re a Candidate. When you cross paths with Katie,
Leave her to the trail that she must blaze.

My ways are always enigmatic,
But you are wiser than you’ve ever guessed,
And once you’ve seen my secret attic
High above the sand,
You will understand.

Come to my beacon on the water.
Sometimes a taxi talk for two
Is all the drive that’s needed; my advice is heeded.
Sometimes it takes an ocean view
To work out what to do.
I’m counting on you, Hugo.
Glad I can count on you.
Glad I can count on you…

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