Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tonight's the Night

Ooooh, I'm all tingly with excitement.  I ought to go outside, because it's a gorgeous day and there's no good reason to stay shut inside all day.  We'll see.  Anyway, to tonight...
I caught Jorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and I was tickled to discover that not so long ago, he worked at Borders.  We're like book buddies!  I also enjoyed the clip of him on Russian Roulette and his admission that his dog has his own personal chiropractor.  As for the show, though...  Well, the major revelation would be that we'll be seeing Walt soon.  I wasn't at all sure whether we would...  He also said Locke's in the finale, but despite his absence in the previews, that was a pretty fair guess.  And he, like Kate, said the big twist floored him, so it sure sounds like it's something good.  Better than Desmond crashing the plane.  Whoa.
Plus Nathan and I listened to the latest podcast, which was similarly tantalizing but dealt mostly with such crucial subjects as "Will Ezra James Sharkington be in the finale?", "Look at all the cool anagrams I came up with pertaining to LOST's zombie season!" and "Why didn't Charlie take off his jeans to make his big swim into the Looking Glass?"  And among those, not a whisper of my ever so consequential question involving haggis.  Sigh. 
The big hint there seems to be that they said Jack's plans almost always get messed up, and that even if this one succeeds, it won't mean good things for him.  That sounds ominous.  Could this be the end of the line for Jack?  I wonder whether at least a couple of the "deaths" dangled before us could actually be merely departures, meaning at least one castaway - Claire and Aaron, perhaps, a la Desmond's vision? - gets rescued, so they're not on the island, but they're not literally dead?  Here's hoping...

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