Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lingering Questions From the LOST Finale...

* What and where is the temple where Richard was taking everyone?
* Did Mikhail actually die the third time?
* Did Desmond see Penny in his vision, and maybe not Claire and Aaron?  Where are these visions coming from?  Is Mrs. Hawking somehow involved?  Did she orchestrate the death of the man in the red shoes and trick Desmond into thinking it was inevitable?
* Is Walt a vessel for Jacob?  He was speaking the same weird Parsel-tongue-sounding language Shannon heard, but John understood him.  Is he the only one who can make sense of those "whispers"?
* Is the flash forward set in stone?
* Did Charles Widmore send Naomi's people?  Who else, other than Penny, would know about Desmond?
* Was Naomi really a "bad guy"?  Even if she was sent by "the bad guys", did she necessarily know what they were up to?
* Did Charlie's death actually accomplish something?  (I think so...  I certainly hope so...)
* What is Rose intending to do when rescue comes?  Is there anyone else, aside from Bernard and John, intending to stay?  They've survived so far largely because each person has a valuable contribution to make; it'll be a lot harder to make it if there are only three of them...  Might John take over as leader of the Others, and Rose and Bernard join them?
* Where did John go?  To the Temple, perhaps?  Reinforcements?  And did Walt tell him anything else, or did he just decide on his own what he was supposed to do?
* Might Jack have done better to drop the beach explosion plan once he realized there was a good shot at getting off the island?  Why wage a war when you're leaving?  But I suppose there's a decent chance Ryan's people could have caught up with Jack's group, which would have been bad, especially if Charlie hadn't managed to unjam the equipment...
* Was Mikhail considering defying Ben, and Bonnie ironically convinced him to stay the course?

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