Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All Hail Jordin; Gotta Find Something to Cheer About...

Tuned in just long enough to see that she won.  Whoop.  Missed the finale otherwise, aside from a snatch of a Beatles finale.  And I don't care.  I just wasn't too engaged this year.  And another finale took precedence.  Last year, I watched American Idol instead.  I denied myself the nail-biting season two finale for half a year. The more I think about it, the more I love Live Together, Die Alone.  And... I did not love Through the Looking Glass.  It is by far the most depressing episode of LOST I have ever seen.  Please don't tell me this is the way the rest of the series is going to go.  I will blog at length tomorrow, or maybe over the weekend.  I'm going to need to process for a while.  Some of the few bright spots, however:
* Charlie singing You All Everybody, much to Bonnie's annoyance, and later keying in Good Vibrations.
* Desmond showing up.
* Rose telling Jack, "If you say, 'Live together, die alone,' I'm going to punch you in your face."
* "I love you" - and it was Kate who Jack was talking to, after all.
* Hurley plowing through in his van, almost reminiscent of the Weasley car springing in to the rescue, justifiying his flashback episode for those who still weren't convinced it was worth the time.  Saving his friends - and nearly saving Tom too, only to have it end just like the frog incident.  Maybe that was foreshadowing.  (Tom's death - not a bright spot.  Just the knowledge that Hurley would have shown him mercy had it been up to him.)
* Alex and Danielle reunion.  "I haven't seen you in 16 years!  Let's bond by tying up the guy you thought was your dad!"
* John's eye opening.  There was nothing light about that moment, but it was a fist-pumping scene, a "Yes!  I knew it!" scene.  And then seeing Walt.  A shame, then that he didn't seem to accomplish anything in the end...
* Rose and Sun hugging each other after Hurley's communication.
I feel like I'm out of somewhat happy moments.  The rescue didn't seem happy anymore by the time it happened.  In fact, it was eerily like the season one finale, the rescue turning out to be something else entirely, something grim and terrible.  And maybe Ben isn't quite so bad after all.  Oh, he's bad - but maybe he's been working for the greater good all along, just in a very manipulative, often sadistic way.  Because it certainly seems like Ben was telling the truth for once...

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