Monday, March 1, 2010

Jacob's Apology (Ben, Don Black / Walter Scharf)

When it comes to LOST, I am Team Jacob all the way. Nonetheless, I can't help feeling that Ben got the raw end of the deal. Ultimately, I'm not sure who messed his life up more, Smokey or Jacob. I certainly can't blame him for being upset with his unseen leader, and I longed for Jacob, in that final scene in The Incident, to offer an explanation for his apparent absence.

Now, I'm holding my breath in hopes that such a moment will come this season, in spite of the practical evidence to the contrary. Even if he doesn't actually speak to Ben, I imagine our getting some sense that he feels badly for the role he largely compelled Ben to play - because if Smokey's been pulling a long con, I'm pretty sure Jacob's is even longer.

If I had to venture a guess, I would say that Ben, whether or not he is consciously aware of having been forgiven, will go out in a blaze of sacrifical glory, to be then given a fresh start in Sideways World. Could be way off. But it's better to post it now, when there's at least still a chance it could happen... Here's a reflection by Jacob, to the tune of Don Black and Walter Scharf's Ben.

Jacob’s Apology

Ben, you thought I had forsaken you.
I assure you that it isn’t true.
I was with you all those years.
I witnessed many tears
When you were feeling small
And yearned to dry them all.

Ben, you felt like the forgotten son,
Wondered why John was the favored one.
You were needed for my plan,
So since this all began,
Despite the faith you’ve shown,
I’ve made you feel alone.

I’m sorry, Ben. I forgive
Your mistakes. Go and live.
I’m sorry, Ben. I forgive
Your mistakes. Go and live.

Ben, I know that you’re remorseful now
And you long to make amends somehow.
Soon, I think that you will see
A way to honor me,
And that will free you, Ben,
To begin your life again.
Begin again.
Begin again.

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