Friday, March 26, 2010

Meant to Suffer (Talkin' to the Wrong Man, Michael Martin Murphey)

"Some people are just supposed to suffer. That's why the Red Sox will never win the series."
- Christian, Outlaws

Jack and Christian's complicated relationship is right at the heart of LOST. The sixth season may offer a more direct opportunity for reconciliation, but I love that Sawyer gets to help in healing the rift back in the first season. Here's a reflection to the tune of Michael Martin Murphey's Talkin' to the Wrong Man.

Meant to Suffer

Christian: Hey, cowboy. If you’re down under
And drowning all your sorrows in this bar,
Then you must have major problems.
Brooding isn’t gonna get you far.
I let my son think that I hate him.
With a phone call, I could be free.
I’m a weakling. Hesitation
Will make you just as miserable as me.

Maybe I was meant to suffer,
Meant to wallow in my cowardice and sin.
Some folks were meant to suffer.
That’s why the Sox are never gonna win.

Jack: Listen, Sawyer, I should say thank you.
But now that you are handing me that gun,
I’m wondering how she could convince you.
Do I dare to ask you what she has done?
I have a feeling if you were to tell me,
I’d wish that I had never heard your news.
Guess my dad was onto something
When he said the Sox are always gonna lose.

Maybe I was meant to suffer,
Meant to seethe while you make secret deals with Kate.
Some folks were meant to suffer.
My father always chalked it up to fate.

Sawyer: Met a doctor down in Sydney.
Well, his son and him, they’d gotten in a fight,
And he wished he had the guts to tell him,
“I’m proud of you. I love you. You were right.”

He said he was meant to suffer,
But he knew he was to blame for his own fall.
Some folks were meant to suffer;
It looks like Christian never made that call.
Looks like Christian never made that call.

Talkin' to the Wrong Man

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