Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whoever You Are (Wherever You Are, Michael Abbott / Sarah Weeks)

"I'm so glad to know you were lying because...if what you said was the truth, if Kate was raising Aaron...I'd kill her."
- Claire, Lighthouse

Claire has had an incredibly difficult time since her friends left the Island, and the loss of Aaron remains her biggest preoccupation. By the time she meets Jin, Aaron is a boy almost old enough for preschool, and Claire must be painfully aware of the fact that she doesn't know a thing about her own child. Here are some musings from her during Lighthouse, to the tune of Wherever You Are, from Pooh's Grand Adventure.

Whoever You Are

Hear me, son.
Hear me from afar.
Remember me,
Whoever you are.

Since you were snatched away,
I don’t know who you’ve become,
But I love you.
When sleeping or at play,
Hope you recollect your mum,
For I love you.

I need you to know that I love you,
And I mourn for the years that we’ve lost.
I’m singing Catch a Falling Star
And wishing Charlie’s old guitar
Played this lullaby for you,
Whoever you are.

What makes you laugh?
What makes you smile?
What do you do here on this isle?

Or was I fed a lie?
If you left this place with Kate,
I would kill her.
I’d want to find out why.
Once she set the record straight,
I would kill her.

I’d hate her for making you love her
If the story that Jin tells is true.

I’m singing Catch a Falling Star
And wishing Charlie’s old guitar,
Sweetest sound I ever knew
Except the music of your coo,
Accompanied my song for you,
Whoever you are.
Whoever you are.

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