Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Did the Island Go? (Crying, Roy Orbison / Joe Melson)

"Where's the island? Where's the island?!"- Frank, There's No Place Like Home, Part 3

When you're planning to set down your helicopter, it's very inconvenient for the nearest land mass to suddenly disappear... Here's a season four finale LOST reflection from Frank to the tune of Roy Orbison's Crying.

Where Did the Island Go?

I got the fuel for this trip.
Left the ship for this trip.
But I feel like a fool.
Hey, Jack, this isn’t cool,
‘Cause we saw the freighter blow.
As the Island neared, it disappeared.

I should be flyin' over it, flyin' over it.
Does anyone know
Where it’s hiding? Where’d it go?
Can’t go on flyin', flyin', flyin', flyin'.
It’s hard to understand why I can’t see dry land
When I am flyin'.

No way to fly with no more fuel.
That’s a cardinal rule.
I wish we all had fins, ‘cause we’re goin’ in.
The laws of physics are cruel.
It’s a mystery, ‘cause we ought to be
Flyin' over it, flyin' over it.

That Island’s gone, so get your life vests on.
No more flyin', flyin', flyin', flyin'.
No flyin', flyin'.
Where did the Island go?

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