Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a Disappointment...

I was browsing around imdb yesterday, and I decided to pop over to Dom's profile and see if he had any new projects coming down the pike that I hadn't gotten wind of yet.  He hadn't; it was still just I Sell the Dead, but at least that was something to look forward to, and I was encouraged by the 2007 date on it.  But a peek at one of the message boards unearthed two unsettling facts. 
1) The movie probably won't be coming out until mid-2008.  (And that's probably in England; who knows when it will get here?)  2) There was an implication that this was a horror movie.
"A horror movie?" I said aloud, puzzled.  Nathan reprimanded me for my naivete.  "It's called I Sell the Dead!" he said.  "What did you think it was going to be about?!"  I informed him that it was about a grave robber reflecting on his life of crime, and I saw no reason why horror had to come into it at all.  "He's a grave robber," Nathan pressed on.  "Shouldn't that tell you something?" No, I decided, it should not.  "It's about people who are already dead!" I argued.  "And not moving around!"
And then, in desperation to prove that someone on the message boards just didn't know what he was talking about, I browsed through the keywords.  The word "supernatural" gave me pause.  "Uh-oh," I said.  "This could be problematic."  Then I clicked for the extended list, and a moment later I let loose a wail of dismay.  "What?" asked Nathan.  But I couldn't answer, so struck with a sudden fit of hysterical, tear-inducing laughter I was rendered mute until I finally managed to gasp out "zombie violence". 
Oh, Dom.  Following in Billy's footsteps, are we?  Chucky?  Zombies?  Really, you're not being too kind to us squeamish fans.  Nonetheless, a screenful of zombies may be an appropriate price to pay for an hour and a half or so of Dom...

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