Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Juliet Again

So I didn't really say anything about the previews for this week's episode of LOST, but the title of the episode is One of Us, which to me means major parallels to One of Them, the episode that introduced Henry. Once again, Sayid evidently intends to put his skills as a torturer to use in order to extract information from Juliet, though as uncomfortable as Jack was with this technique for Sawyer and Benry, I'm sure he'd be downright opposed in this case. Which means he must not know it's going on. Sayid somehow gets her by herself, at a point when Jack can't interfere, and goes at it. Anyway, I'm fairly certain it's a Juliet episode, dealing with her being accepted (or not) by the beach folks. (Hurley will welcome her, if no one else does...) And... flashbacking to her being accepted (or not) by the Others, which should be incredibly revealing. I'm gunning for lots of Tom in this episode, though mostly it'll probably be Ben. I can live with that... Oooh, and let's have Danny do something noble, or at least slightly nice, to show he wasn't such an absolute scum of the earth. Incidentally, didn't Juliet say she's been on the island three years? Dez too, no? Coincidence?

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