Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He Was An Other (He Was My Brother, Paul Simon)

So I'm watching LOST in real-time now, and boy is it exciting. I came away from tonight's episode full of the love of Desmond and desperately desirous of writing an ode to him. So what do I end up with instead? Danny Pickett. Sheesh. Quite possibly the most unlovable character on the whole show. The only good we're able to see in him is a sincere love for Colleen; even his loyalty to Ben hardly strikes me as virtuous when there's such bloodthirstiness behind it. And yet... I will not fall into the show's trap of fostering hatred for a certain group of people, or even just for certain unsavory individuals. Every person has worth and dignity. Every life is precious. So I will grieve for Danny, even if I didn't like him very much, even if his death was a necessary component to Kate and Sawyer's escape. Here, to the tune of He Was My Brother, is my slightly sardonic little ode to a man conventional wisdom says we shouldn't care about. Danny, you were a jerk. But I wish you'd stuck around long enough to prove that you could be more.

He Was An Other

He was an Other
And a bold sort of guy.
He was an Other.
Tried to torture Kate the day he died.

Sneering fighter,
Perhaps he envied Ben his place.
Too bad the writers
Must have said, "Hey, Danny, don't like your face."

Pickett's Charge was underway,
But Juliet trailed along.
She shot that Other dead,
Cuz shooting Sawyer would be wrong.

He was an Other.
Wouldn't let the Jack's buddies leave.
He, he was an Other,
So he died, but we're not supposed to grieve.
He died, but we're not supposed to grieve.

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