Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dizzy Dez Dispenses Doom

So LOST... So amazing. And strange. I figured from the first that it was another Desmond flashback, but then I was thinking, "Hmmm. Taking a long time to get to the flashback." And then I was thinking, "Hmmm. Taking a long time to get back to the island." Meanwhile, in Edinboro, Nathan's head exploded, and his uninitiated roomie's head exploded moreso. This is such a violent show.
How cute are Charlie and Hurley in this episode? They're so buddy-buddy, and getting Dezzy drunk and singing bawdy pub songs with him... and stealing my nickname for him... Priceless! The Scot and the Brit have gotten together, and Hurley can be Sam... That just leaves Frodo. Frodo, where are you? Actually, aside from the accent Dezzy's more like Frodo than Pippin. He's the one who has to turn the key and save the world. He's the tortured soul who couldn't go back to the life he had before even if by some miracle circumstances allowed it. Dezzy is haunted by destiny. Talk about predestination!
I don't know just what to make of the extended flashback. Did he go back in time? Did he flash forward? Was it all a dream? It seems like he actually relived those days after he turned the key, and somehow getting knocked out in the bar brought him back to the island. Very, very strange. Smarter people than me will make much more sense of this episode. But whether or not I understood it, I loved it. I loved the Dezzy overload, during which I observed that clean-shaven Dez looks an awful lot like Dustin Hoffman. And the poor guy is so confused... Just as confused as we are! (Though not so confused, I think, that we needed that condescending re-cap bringing us up to speed at the end. What, they thought we forgot everything that happened half an hour ago?)
When I was discussing the show with Nathan on Sunday, I predicted that the first words out of Desmond's mouth would be something depressing. Actually, I forget now what his first words were. But he's such a Debbie Downer; half of what he says is depressing. The campfire scene was so great because we got to see him smiling, laughing, just grinning his heart out as if he hadn't a care in the world. And twas loverly indeed to hear them singing together...
I wonder if that game actually happened. Ben mentioned the Red Sox, and certainly that was a big deal, but most of us Yankees wouldn't know beans about some soccer match in the UK; maybe that was the equivalent. Maybe not though. Seemed like much smaller potatoes, and if it was such a famous game, that probably would have been giving away too much too fast. Or would it? We know you haven't lost it, Crazy-Eyes. You're just as sane as you've ever been. Heh.
Creepy Jewelry Lady was the housekeeper from The Others. Is she also one of The Others? Ha! She certainly is in the know. And she ruined Desmond's shot at getting things right, because evidently bliss on a personal level for him equals cataclysm on a cosmic level. Poor Dez. I love you more each day.
While talking to Nathan after the show, I had the revelation that Charlie's song was a premonition. I recognized the song at once - Wonderwall, pretty popular when I was in high school. But the significance didn't hit me until later. "You're gonna be the one that saves me." Yes, indeed, Desmond the savior, and from the Christ-like beard to the outstretched arms as he lies naked on the forest floor, I know they're pummeling us with visual references to that effect. Dez is a mystic, and he's a reluctant messiah. What the religious implications in all this are I'm not sure, but they're at least getting the wheels turning, and that's something. Dezzy's such a doomsayer; we've got John Locke and John Calvin. It will be interesting to see how their interaction progresses.
Anyway, to Charlie. The universe says, "Your number's up." I say, Lame! And yet, if Charlie's survival means the implosion of the universe... Well, as Dezzy said tonight and I've said before, "You're a good man, Charlie," but I'm afraid it's sayonara. It can't be that simple, though. It's turning into Smallville. Are our destinies written in stone, or can we change them? Can Charlie evade certain death? Can Ben embrace his inner light? It all ties together. But seriously. If they kill off Charlie, perhaps Erin needs to have a little chat with the Universe...
Blogs after midnight are ill-advised. I shall retire before my loopiness progresses further. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Erin said...

It occurs to me after re-watching this that Ms Hawking never introduced herself to Desmond. So do we assume he didn't know her name until season five? And how did we know her name? Was it just from IMDb? Because I know I was aware of her name as early as April 2007, since I referenced it in a parody; I was surprised to see I hadn't called her by name here.

I always suspected we'd see Ms Hawking again. But I didn't expect the level of involvement we got from her in season 5. She is an Other after all! Really, there are definite hints of the time travel to come here. If you don't write off Hawking as a product of Desmond's subconscious - which is pretty hard to do once she turns up in the picture in Catch-22 - then the big question is how she knows all of this. I definitely got the sense she, Charles and Brother Campbell were pulling Desmond's strings, but I didn't know how. Precognition? Omniscience? Nah. It would appear that the answer is time travel.