Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gee, Kate, You've Just Avoided Life in Prison! What Are You Gonna Do Next?

Boy, does LOST like to mess with our heads. I explored several possibilities for who Kate's child might be, but it never even occurred to me to consider Aaron. And even when she said his name, I thought, "Hmm, I wonder why she named her son after Aaron. That's sweet." And mid-thought, I said, "Wait! That is Aaron!" Which gives us a definite time frame for the flash-forward, if nothing else. Unless the LOST folks are still messing with us, and this really is another Aaron, which would give me whiplash and frankly be rather mean. I don't know how much of their trickery I can take!

But that option would be preferable to the more logical possibilities, most prominently A) Claire is dead; B) Kate kidnapped Aaron. And then there's always C) Claire asked Kate to take Aaron, either for a while or permanently. But at this point, I can't see Claire giving Aaron up again. I also have a hard time imagining Kate swiping the baby, but maybe she went a little loopy like Danielle, and it could explain Jack's reluctance to see Aaron, since he would have known what she did and felt complicit in her crime. Though she claimed not to be good with babies, she seemed pretty disappointed with Sawyer's lack of enthusiasm over the possibility of having a child, and her obsession with wondering whether the people stateside knew about her might indicate she now has a more compelling reason to leave the island.

Of course, Sawyer responded to her baiting about the baby in the worst possible way. I mean, all he had to say was, "I'm relieved you're not pregnant, because if you were, you might die on me." (She totally deserved that scathing comment about her bouncing between him and Jack, though.) There's really no proof even that going off the island would spare these women, since Ben never let anyone try it. I wonder if the fact that Ben's mother died in childbirth could have anything to do with all the island's fertility issues. I'm really worried about Sun.

And it was nice to see her and Jin again, though it looks like they're headed for trouble in terms of where they intend to go. Heading back to Korea and Sun's dad does not strike me as a good idea. My guess is they'll wind up staying; I really can't see one of them leaving the other, unless perhaps one of them dies. But the way I read this episode, five of the Oceanic Six are accounted for. I guess Aaron still isn't absolutely one of them, but presumably he is, which leaves only one spot. I wouldn't think John or Sawyer would want to leave the island or that Sun, Jin, Rose or Bernard would want to leave alone. Maybe it's Michael; I have a feeling we'll be seeing him this week, since the coordinates Ben gave him were the same as the coordinates Daniel mentioned in The Economist. I think I heard we're supposed to know who they all are by episode seven.
I'm glad we got the whole shouldn't-Kate-be-in-prison thing out of the way, and since she managed to get off, it wound up being the least depressing of the flash-forwards thus far. Her life is actually in pretty good shape. She's reconciled with her mother to the extent that she refused to testify against her; I wouldn't be surprised if she does let her mom see Aaron at some point. She's got a beautiful house and a devoted little boy. She avoided prison. Life is pretty good for her. I'm trying to figure out if the song we heard - Patsy Cline again, I believe, singing I've Got Your Picture - is a tip-off to something. Like Claire has Aaron's picture, but Kate has Aaron.

Which brings me to the question... Wouldn't there have been a lot of cameras on this flight? I would think just about anybody who visited Australia would bring a camera, and presumably a few of them would have survived the crash. If it were me, I'd be wanting to take all kinds of pictures, even if there was a possibility they'd never be developed. Maybe Claire could manage to get a picture of Aaron taken somehow, though; Ben has pictures of Alex...

I don't know what Alex and her mom are up to They're in a strange position because to some extent, they hate Ben, but Alex certainly cares about him, since he raised her, and Danielle seems like she might be just a tad attached to him too. I just wonder if they're really okay with John keeping Ben locked up. The beginning of the episode when John threw Ben's breakfast against the wall was just like the second season, when "Henry" was sitting in solitary smiling creepily as John ranted and raved because he couldn't figure out whether or not he pressed the button. Ben sure knows how to get under John's skin. He was trying to be hospitable, too, making him food, giving him reading material, just like back in the hatch. But none of it seems to be improving his relationship with the mysterious Mr. Linus.

I hated his hand grenade trick, even though I think he must be bluffing, partly because Miles is too valuable to risk blowing up like that and partly because John would much rather threaten violence than actually carry it out. I read a bit of an interview with Terry O'Quinn where he said he really fought to not have John kill Naomi, and I agree that knifing her in the back did not seem very John-like. I guess I can buy it as an act of desperation - and now I now why he didn't shoot the phone - but it still bothers me. And if, as I suspect, that grenade is useless, it's just like the trick Ben pulled on Sawyer with the rabbit. John seems to be growing more like Ben each day.

I saw two different books in this episode and didn't manage to catch the title of either one. Libbie thought the title of the episode was a reference to a book, which makes sense to me, but a quick Google search only brings up LOST-related results, and I don't feel like digging too deeply to figure out what the inspiration could be. I thought the title could just be a reference to John making eggs for Ben, or to the fact that fertility rates in Otherville are so high. I'm not really sure.

I like the camaraderie of Kate and Claire being roomies and Hurley and Sawyer being roomies. And how fun that they can watch movies! I felt sorry for Hurley being so easily "Scooby-Doo'd" by Kate, but I think Sawyer's observation that "If Hugo knows, everybody knows" tends to be true. He's just too trusting to be good at keeping secrets, just like Hagrid. Yet another connection between my two favorite big, burly guys.

I don't like Jack's well-rehearsed story about only eight people surviving the crash. If that's what it takes to protect their friends on the island, I guess he has to do it, but it seems like the friends and relatives of the survivors deserve to know that their loved ones lived and made a difference. I guess if they started talking to relatives it would be a lot harder to cover their tracks, and inconsistencies in stories would probably start to pop up. But I desperately want Liam to know how Charlie spent the last three months of his life, that he kicked the drugs and found peace and happiness, that he died in a conscious attempt to save others. And if Claire doesn't have it, I want Liam to wind up with the ring. Or Aaron. One of the three. Just somebody find that thing, for crying out loud! Charlie's list, melded with the fabric of Desmond's shirt, is a lost cause, but I'm still holding out hope for that ring... Anyway, Liam's hardly the only one back home who ought to know about someone who survived the crash, but I can't help but hope that in Jack's version, Charlie was one of the two and that somebody tells Liam what became of his brother, or an altered version of it anyway.

I am very worried about Desmond. Seeing his panicked face in the preview and hearing him holler "Am I gonnae die???" as the chopper goes down is not an optimistic picture. The fact that Sayid is on the helicopter gives me hope, since we know he makes it off the island, but all those shots of Des in the preview gave me the idea that this week may be when we see how he got thrown in prison (which I'm guessing has something to do with him refusing to kill someone), and a major character's death is generally preceded by a flashback. If they kill off Desmond, so soon after Charlie, and without letting him reunite with Penny, I will be upset. Very upset. But let's end on a positive note here. Eggtown was a fantastic episode, and the second in a row to provide a major twist at the end. Can they top themselves this week? Can't wait to find out!

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