Monday, July 2, 2007

EW Loves Elizabeth Mitchell

Recently, EW listed Elizabeth Mitchell as one of the 100 people they love, and I was wishing they'd focused on one of those lovely lads I have a crush on, but Juliet really is a major player in season three. 
Season one starts with Jack opening his eyes in the jungle, and it's definitely fair to consider him the main character in season one; certainly many of the events we see stem somewhat from his leadership.  Season two starts with Desmond doing his thing down in the hatch, and while I wouldn't say he's the main character of season two - since he only appears in four episodes - the hatch is the main preoccupation, and he's the character most associated with the hatch.  Then season three opens with Juliet putting on the music for the book club, and while she's representative of the Others, who come into much sharper focus, she herself really is a crucial character, with much of what happens in season three hinging on whose side she decides to take.  So I wonder who we'll be meeting in the first moments of season four...

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