Monday, March 19, 2007

Read the Bird's Claire-Written Tag

It occurs to me that Wednesday is fast approaching and I still haven't said a thing about last week's episode of LOST. So I'd better hurry up and do it. I managed to get into town in time to see it - more time than I'd expected, actually; I figured I'd be cutting it pretty close. I stayed home and watched it with Nathan for the first time in real-time. I was hoping Mom and Dad would be watching it with us, but Dad had gone to Grandma's and Mom was asleep. So it was just Nathan and me.
Mom let slip a couple weeks ago that an article in USA Today had indicated that Claire was probably Jack's sister. The notion came as quite a surprise to me, who had joked about Kate being Jack's sister, just for the Star Wars factor. Though in retrospect I can see how the show might have hinted at it just a little, I certainly didn't see it coming. But I don't understand why they would put such a bombshell in an article, denying those who read it the shock value of this episode. As soon as I realized the episode was a Claire flashback, I had a pretty good notion of what was coming. I wish I hadn't.
So... Claire has daddy issues. Surprise, surprise! At least Papa Shepard was trying to relieve Claire of any financial burden resulting from her accident while making her mom as comfortable as possible. I'm still not entirely clear on whether she's still alive; the episode seemed to leave that ambiguous, but I guess I'll go with believing that she is, though there's probably not much chance of her recovering from her vegetative state. Evidently Claire went through a rather rebellious period, but other than her semi-goth appearance and her job in the tattoo parlor, we don't see much of that. She's still a sweet girl; this flashback didn't reveal her as a demon, though the crash is probably her fault. Not that she wanted to harm her mother, of course, but that she was so busy yelling at her that she wasn't paying proper attention to the road.
Dez is still running around trying to save Charlie's life. He has a way with birds, doesn't he? That seabird was remarkably agreeable to his catching it. Charlie's a sweetheart and then he's all shifty, and Claire doesn't know why, and it puts a strain on their relationship. I'm not entirely sure I know why either; because Dezzy told him he would die if he helped Claire catch a bird? I mean, he doesn't even have to help; the bigger problem for her is what a sourpuss he's being about her plan in general. I'm not really sure he ought to be acting that way, and I'm impressed with Claire for coming up with such a good idea. And I'm glad they reconcile. I'm tired of Claire and Charlie fighting. It's time for them to be a family. At least until the Universe finally manages to thwart Dezzy's valiant Charlie-saving attempts. Sniff. Anyway, the leg-tying moment was really nice. Claire's pretty poetic and altruistic, which we got a glimpse of with her pro-active stance on memorializing her fallen fellow passengers early in the first season. Her message is really wordy but quite moving as well.
Poor Sawyer. He's had a rough couple of days. He barely says a word in this episode, brooding over Kate's worrisome absence and his inability to toss nicknames around. We get a couple shots of him lazing about reading Ayn Rand, and that's pretty much it. Not much Hurley either (actually, none at all that I recall), but Jin and Sun have some nice moments.
Meanwhile, it seems my slight suspicion that Locke blew up Patchy's house on purpose may have been justified. Locke just keeps acting more and more shifty, and it seems like he and Mikhail know each other somehow. I'm upset about what happens between the two of them at the barrier because up until now, Locke hasn't killed anyone as far as we know. Now granted, I doubt he could have known that pushing Mikhail through the barrier would kill him, but I think he had a pretty good idea something bad would happen. Maybe it saved the rest of their merry band - or maybe not. Could be that Mikhail was implanted with something that caused him to react with the barrier in such a violent way. In any case, I liked the guy and I really hoped they wouldn't kill him off so soon. Especially because he was about to reveal some really important information. Which may or may not have been true, but still. And I'm tired of Locke looking like a creep. This week should be a landmark episode though, finally getting to see why Locke is in that wheelchair. I predict brilliance. I'd better get it.
Hooray for Jack playing nice with the Others! Has he been assimilated or is he just pretending? Is it a betrayal if he actually has come to enjoy life with these mysterious islanders? Maybe they're done messing around with the castaways. Maybe they mean them no more harm, and Jack's happy now too, and they should all just leave each other alone. I think the last scene was much more of a shock for Kate than for us. We already know how the Others live on the main island, so that part's no big surprise. Jack getting all buddy-buddy with Tom is a bit unexpected, but it didn't make me unhappy. There's obviously more to the story, and I'm sure we'll get some of it this week, but maybe Jack's finding out that the Others aren't so bad after all. Oh, I do hope so...
I don't know why I have so little to say this week. Probably has to do with the fact that I waited so long to write this because my writing muscles are so flabby right now. Oh well. Anyway, good episode, and this week's should be spectacular.

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