Sunday, November 5, 2006

I Am John Locke (I Am a Rock, Paul Simon)

I'm getting caught up on the second season of LOST now so I can finally eventually watch current episodes... Though I'm getting so spoiled by shows on DVD it's going to be annoying wading through those commercials again! But here is a parody about John Locke, who's been one of my favorite characters on the show from the beginning, to the tune of I Am a Rock.

I Am John Locke

We're castaways,
But in truth, I can't remember
When I have known
Such a sense of purpose. I'm on hallowed ground.
I'll fight to keep the freedom I have found.
I am John Locke. I love this island!

I was called
A poor old fool - not rightly.
My own dad showed me hate.
But now I'm bravely seeking monsters in the rain.
I have become impervious to pain.
I am John Locke. I love this island!

My life's been tough.
While I had no worth before,
I'm meeting with my destiny.
When that plane hit the water, I thought that I was dead;
I have finally begun to live instead.
I am John Locke. I love this island!

I hike and cook,
And my box of knives will protect me.
I'm a hunter, not a farmer.
I just killed a boar. Soon I'll kill some more.
There's no one more equipped for this than me.
I am John Locke. I love this island!

Yes, John Locke is my name,
And this island's just my size.

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